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2024 Wisconsin Playground Elite Spring Open Tryout Information:

2024 Wisconsin Playground Elite Roster Opportunities Information:

Program Titles:

2022 Nike Tournament of Champions Austin (U15)
2022 USJN Premier Showcase - Junior League Overall Champions (U16)
2022 USJN Junior League White U16 Divisional Champions (U15)
2022 Ohio Basketball The Classic Kentucky Cyan Platinum Champions (U15)
2022 Ohio Basketball The Classic Kentucky Aqua Platinum Champions (U15)
2021 The National Championship Orlando Cyan Platinum Champions (U15)
2021 The National Championship Orlando Blue Platinum Champions (U14)
2021 Blue Star Nationals Champions (U14)
2021 Blue Star Nationals Runner-Up (U15)
2021 USJN Premier Showcase Champions (U15)
2020 USJN Battle of The Programs II Champions (U16)
2020 USJN Summer Final Midwest Champions (U14)
2019 Blue Star Rising Stars National Champions (U14)
2018 USJN Windy City Classic National Bracket Champions (U17)
2017 Blue Star Nationals Runner-Up (U17)
2017 USJN Battle of The Programs III Champions (U17)
2015 USJN Premier Invitational Midwest National Bracket Champions (U16)
2015 MAYB National Champions (U16)
2012 USJN Indy 100 Champions (U16)
2012 USJN Battle of The Programs II Champions (U15)
2012 NAYS National Champions (9th Grade)
2011 AAU National Champions (8th Grade)
2010 PrimeTime Sports National Champions (7th Grade)
2010 NAYS National Champions (7th Grade)
2009 NAYS National Champions (6th Grade)
2003 AAU D2 National Champions (U15)

2013 AAU National Champions (U11)
2012 AAU National Champions (U10)
2010 PrimeTime Sports National Champions (6th Grade)

The Blue Star League 2024 Information:

Wisconsin Playground Elite Girls Promo Video:

Wisconsin Playground Elite Boys Promo Video:

Welcome to the Playground Elite website! Watch video highlights of our girls and boys basketball travel teams featuring our top student-athlete alumni! Wisconsin's Best Play Here! Join PGE today!