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Playground Elite’s mission is to empower, enhance, improve, and aid in the development in the lives of young student athletes. Our mission is to encourage student athletes to make good decisions utilizing the team sport of basketball as a channel to foster life-long friendships, experiences, camaraderie, and to share the life-changing skills that they have learned in the program.

In assuring that our mission is being accomplished and that the student athlete is developing to be successful on and off the court; we place a strong emphasis on family, academics, sportsmanship, integrity, mentoring, and developing student athletes to become productive citizens in their community.


Playground Elite's objective is to teach the fundamentals of basketball and life skills to youths that are interested in competing and using their basketball skills to obtain a college degree. We are strong advocates for personal academic responsibility and success for the student athletes that participate in the program.


Playground Elite’s philosophy stresses competing in an aggressive style of play that emphasizes the development of basic fundamentals. The team concept is an absolute necessity for our athletes. We teach a style of play that requires tremendous intensity on defense and total unselfishness on offense. This style of play puts a demand on the student athlete to be prepared both mentally and physically for the challenges of great competition.


Playground Elite’s goal is that every player that participates in the program strives to become an exceptional student athlete, make wise decisions, attend college and to become productive citizens. We want only the best for our players in every phase of their lives on and off the court!